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What to do about devices and screen time

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Screens are here to stay. I firmly believe there is a time and a place for them - and that each family needs to determine what is right for them. However, when I started looking into this topic for my family, I found a whole host of overwhelming, sometimes conflicting and confusing information out there on what you should and shouldn't allow. Which left me paralysed and unclear on what was right for my family. So, I've put together this Digital course - distilling the research that I found out there into simple guidance and then combining this with practical tools that focus on connection, teamwork and buy-in (rather than punishments and rewards) that I tried with my 3 children. I also share what went well, what didn't and where we struggled the most (and what we did about it). Come and join me for this 5 module online digital course that you can access whenever it suits you to fit around your family's needs. Parenting is hard, especially on topics as emotive as screens. We are all busy, and sometimes, it's just quicker and easier to get a fellow, like-minded parent to do the leg work, present the facts and ideas around what to do about it, and then take from that what is right for your family. :-)

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