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A revolutionary new way to encourage creative Play AND have 5 minutes Peace to yourself!


Our PlayTableCloth turns your table into an instant den - with a shop, thatched cottage, postbox and ticket office for little imaginations to run wild. Plus the table top is filled with board games, a race track and a table tennis court. Let the playing begin!!


We are currently offering the PlayTableCloth in 6 standard sizes (if you need a made-to-measure option, get in touch and we'll see what we can do). All our PlayTableCloths are made from a durable, machine-washable fabric, so they can be washed easily. Children can customise street names, ticket boards and shop signs with washable pens. They can also draw their own 'masterpieces' in the picture frames on the table top. And when they have finished, you simply pop the PlayTableCloth in your washing machine. 

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