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Hi, I'm Anika

I'm a business owner and consultant. But, above all, I am a mum of three. I spent many years working in the City, and learnt the hard way, that just focussing on my career, didn't make me happy. Since having my children, I realised more and more how important it is for me to find that balance of being a present parent and achieving my goals as well.

I want to connect with my children on a daily basis, in ways that are simple, fun and affordable - so that I can do this quickly and easily EVERY SINGLE DAY. So that I can support my children and find time for me as well. That is why I founded Mummy.Made.This: 

My mission is to ignite in parents around the world the beauty of connecting with their children day to day, and inspire creative play in simple ways that don't cost the earth or take lots of time. To help us all move away from screens as the be-all and end-all solution to find some peace as a parent, and help the next generation of little people thrive. 

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Does this resonate with you?


In today's busy, fast paced world, there often doesn't seem enough time to 'do it all', or at least to do everything well! So, you have to decide what matters most to you and focus on that.


At mummy.made.this our focus is on:

  • looking after the little people in our lives: giving them our time and attention to thrive and grow into strong, kind, independent young adults

  • looking after our planet: so that it is a place that future generations can enjoy, and passing on to our children the core value of caring for the environment

  • looking after the adults too: only if we fill our own cups, can we truly be present and care for others


Built around these core values, our products aim to make life a little bit easier, by offering clever, practical solutions so that adults have a bit more time, whilst focusing on the importance of play for children.

Meet the team


Alexi, Designer

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A highly talented graphic designer with over 20 years’ experience, and Dad of 2, who set up his own business, to provide small and medium-sized organisations with high-quality graphic designs. 

Vilas_Sreevi Textiles_edited.jpg

Vilas, Manufacturing

Vilas runs a family-owned manufacturing site that we work closely with. He is fantastic at making sure our products are made beautifully and shares the same values around creating solutions that are as sustainable as possible. 

Rita Daukantiene_RD Atelier_edited.jpg

Rita, Seamstress

Rita, our wonderful, highly creative and talented seamstress who is able to make any project and product into reality! Rita not only creates our products, but also regularly works on the costumes for major London Theatre and TV productions!

Fran and Nab_edited.jpg

Fran & Nab, Marketing

Fran and Nab are a power team that bring their incredible Marketing expertise to the table and support Mummy.Made.This from SEO, to Social Media Marketing and amazon sales management. 

Ciara Parmar Cut Day Ltd_edited.png

Ciara, Production Manager

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Ciara, mum of 2 and fellow entrepreneur. She is an amazing production manager, who has worked with major brands such as Next and Ted Baker. She makes sure our products are made to spec, on time and budget - asking just the right questions at the right time to ensure things always stay on track. 

Sam Anderson_Ofex_edited_edited.png

Sam, Distribution

Sam runs a successful distribution hub in the South East of England, that has won a number of awards for best customer service. We at Mummy.Made.This couldn't agree more - and love how Sam makes sure our products get to our customers on time, and looking fabulous.

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