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Happy New Year!

I hope that despite the unusual circumstances that we still find ourselves in due to Covid-19, you were able to have a peaceful Christmas and New Year. It was the first time that we spent a fair amount of time on zoom for both Christmas Day and New Year's Eve, connecting with friends and family virtually rather than in person. It took a while to 'warm up' and get used to seeing yourself and taking turns speaking rather than talking over one another, but it was wonderful to be able to stay in touch with loved ones. We have also spent lots of time out walking together as a family, and playing board games (with varying degrees of success!), Mario Cart, baking and cooking, having a 'picnic' in the front room, or just playing 'tickle fight' and messing about together. It has been a very slow couple of weeks - probably just what was needed, before the new year starts with a bout of home schooling again (eek!).

As I reflect on 2020, it has been a strange and extraordinary year in so many ways. I am grateful for our health and for being able to enjoy more time together. While I have dearly missed seeing friends and family, and having the choice to go and explore new places, I have been grateful for learning so much more about my children's school day, being able to explore the Nature on our doorstep and a gorgeous summer in the garden. Covid-19 has made me appreciate the small things in life more than ever and treasure all those Magic Moments that each of us have regularly - if we take the time to stop and take note. These Magic Moments, often are small and we may not even have a photo of them, but they are imprinted in our hearts and minds. Two such moments around New Year's for me were seeing the glow of the sparklers reflecting off my 7 year old's face yesterday at midnight, as he stood in his PJs and coat in the freezing cold, welcoming 2021 with me and his Dad. The awe and excitement in my little man's face was captured beautifully in that moment and it made my heart sing to see how much joy a simple sparkler and staying up to midnight can bring :-)

The second Magic Moment was today when we did 'Bleigiessen' - a German tradition on New Year's Day. You melt a small piece of lead or tin over a candle and then drop it into a bucket of cold water where the metal solidifies again. Then you fish out your 'creation' and guess what it might be - and interpret what this means for the year to come. It is lots of fun and the kids love to do the interpretation - it REALLY gets their imaginations flowing - today we had creations that were unicorns, dragons in caves, diamonds, water droplets, a mask, and much, much more!! The photo here captures for me, the excitement, wonder and joy (and real concentration - especially from Daddy!) of a tradition that holds very fond childhood memories for me.

I have started to capture these Magic Memories throughout the year - it's really simple and means that you can even create your own booklet (for you or as a gift) if you want to! Go to to find out more.

I know that 2020 has been hard for many and I wish everyone a better 2021 - may it be filled with health and happiness and real-life hugs from loved ones.

Anika xxx

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