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How to make a Snow Globe

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Last week we made Play-Doh at home (with its own challenges - take a look at the video on my You Tube Channel mummymadethis if you missed it!). This week we are making a Snow Globe for the first time. I’m always on the lookout for simple but slightly different things to do with my children and the Snow Globe was perfect for that.

It was surprisingly easy to make and a lot of fun, too. The part that was probably the most difficult was for the children to decide on what figure to glue into the jam jar. It needed to be something that they'd enjoy looking at regularly, but not something they loved so much, that they'd want back soon after the snow globe was finished... we ended up going with a Kinder Surprise figure that the children had and that seems to have worked really well.

The second challenge was getting the figure into the jam jar - make sure you pick a jar that has a large enough opening, so that you can easily hold the figure and firmly stick it to the bottom of the jar.

What you will need to make your Snow Globe

  • a clean jam jar

  • a waterproof figure of your choice (plastic and resin are good options)

  • strong clear glue (not for the children!)

  • 2-3 tsp glycerine

  • ½-1 tsp glitter


1. Before you start, check that your chosen figure fits inside the jar (and that your hands do too!) and that the jar has a good seal

2. Apply some glue to the bottom of your figure and stick it to the inside of your jam jar. Then let this dry for 15 minutes or so

3. Once everything has set, place 2-3 tsp of glycerine into the jar and slowly top up with water, leaving a small gap at the top, so that there is enough space to 'shake' the snow globe.

4. Add ½-1 tsp of glitter and mix. We used a 'tube' of glitter from the Pound shop.

5. Seal the jar (you can line the rim of the jar with a small amount of strong clear glue and then stick this in place - but I didn't bother doing this and it was fine)

Some questions that I was asking myself before I started, that you might find useful...

  • Where do I get glycerine from?

You can find glycerine in the baking aisle of larger supermarkets. In ours it was right next

to the food colouring and flavourings.

  • What if I can't find glycerine?

According to the recipe we used, you can also use baby oil for a similar effect.

  • Do I need a special jar?

Make sure your jar doesn't leak. You can use an old jam jar, and if you want to be extra

safe, you can make sure it has a rubber seal on the inside (but we used one without and

that was fine too)

  • Do I need special water to top up the snow globe?

No, tap water is fine. If you have very cloudy water, you could use bottled water instead

to make sure the snow globe is clear, but we used normal tap water and it worked


The one thing I will say, is that our glitter continues to float to the top of the snow globe, rather than settling at the bottom. Now, I did a bit of research to find out more and apparently the reason for this is that we didn't use enough glitter. If it all sinks to the bottom, and doesn't really move when you shake the jar, you have used too much, but if it clumps at the top when it settles (like it did for us), you haven't used enough glitter! I tested the theory and added 2 more glitter tubes to our jar and low and behold the glitter started to sink to the bottom! I think we still need some more, for the glitter to settle properly at the bottom, so I guess, it is a bit of trial and error to see how much you need and get the 'float of your glitter' just right (who knew!?).

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