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The homeschooling begins

26th March was the first day of home schooling in the UK. As my daughter had a temperature the previous Wednesday, we had to take all children out of school early, so have had a head start on what it feels like to be stuck at home with the kids - trying to juggle home schooling with work deadlines and combating the kids (very natural) inclination to see this time off as holiday time - since that is normally what it is when they are off in the middle of the week (other than when they are ill,

of course). We have created a routine, worked as a team to set and clear the table, fold washing (not quite so successfully - that is still an ambition!), do chores and complete school work together. There have been tantrums (the kids' and mine), some tears, lots of laughter and everything in between. Our first (half) week last week was exhausting - but also hugely encouraging, as parents from across our groups of friends have shared their tips and tricks and resources. I have created a summary booklet of all the wonderful things I have been given, so that you can download this and dip in and out of the ideas as

you need them in the coming weeks. I will also be posting our experiences as a family here in this blog each week on a Saturday morning. For you to comment and add your own experiences should you want to!

To access the booklet with all resources, go to and enter promo code 'FREE' at the checkout.

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