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The new normal?

This week London Mayor Sadiq Khan asked people to wear masks outside, when social distancing was not possible and called for masks to be compulsory. Reports on the BBC and WHO still say the guidance is that masks should be reserved for health professionals only, but that this guidance is under constant review. The death toll in the UK for Covid-19 has risen to 14,567 and the period of lockdown has been extended for another 3 weeks with more severe penalties for ignoring the government guidelines.

So, could masks be the new 'normal' until a vaccine is found? There have been a number of sites offering masks and companies such as Germany's Burda Style - a company that sells designs and templates for seamstresses - have even produced a free DIY guide for you to make your own.

We have also added this to our range of products - as a way to support individuals and families should they want to wear a mask. Our masks are machine washable at 60 C, so that they can be washed regularly and any potential bacteria or viruses are killed.

Nevertheless, make sure you follow the WHO guidelines when wearing a mask, try not to touch your face, continue to wash hands regularly and maintain a 2m distance from others. The full list of advice from the WHO on how to wear masks properly can be found here. Please follow this and stay safe!

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