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This is a really easy way to entertain the kids while you are out and about – that’s good for them!

Today I want to introduce our DoodleCloth to you. It is our newest product and I am really excited about it. I recently tested it at my daughter’s birthday party and it was a huge hit.

Our DoodleCloth is essentially a large colouring in sheet printed on 100% cotton and children (and adults!) of all ages absolutely love it. I think there is something about just being able to sit and let your mind wander while you select the colours and combinations that you enjoy. The great thing about our DoodleCloth is that it is easily washable and comes in one size 140cm x 80cm. It uses up minimal space, so it can be packed away quickly and easily, even in the smallest of households.

This also means you can take it with you on holiday, as well as simply letting the children colour-in to their hearts' content at home. We recently took it with us when we were out and about in a pub beer garden enjoying the sunshine and a pint. It was a wonderful way for the children to have something creative to do while the adults enjoyed a (relatively) undisturbed conversation.

Our designs are super detailed, so that each time your children colour-in (with our special washable pens), they find something else that they hadn't spotted before, meaning that the design can be used over and over again. When they are done, you simply wash the colours out in a normal 40C wash and the DoodleCloth goes back to being ‘blank’. An unusual, affordable toy that is made to last and that is great for the environment and your wallet. ;-)

We’ve found that the DoodleCloth ‘grows’ with the children too – when we see how it is used very differently by each of our 3 children. My 3-year-old is all about using big, bold strokes that cover as much of the DoodleCloth as possible. My 5-year-old takes great pride and care in sticking within the lines and a lot of thought goes into the colour combinations she picks. My 9-year-old is more about ‘free styling’ – so he will either add elements to the existing designs, or use the built-in white spaces to create his own pictures, or play a game of hangman or noughts and crosses with us or his friends.

As such, colouring-in is an activity that develops over time and brings out different aspects, interests and skills as the child becomes older. It inspires creative and imaginative play that is vital for healthy child development.

Our children are often overstimulated, over-scheduled and under pressure to perform at school. This diminishes their ability to build creative thinking skills essential to development and self-discovery. But inventiveness occurs when kids have time for curiosity and exploration.

Through creative and imaginative play they can grow emotionally, socially, intellectually, and even physically. The DoodleCloth helps a child develop these skills. It promotes a child’s ability to sit quietly and get absorbed in the task of simply ‘doodleing’ and colouring in while letting their mind wander.

It also builds hand eye coordination and allows children to use it over and over again with different styles and colours. Every time they colour-in and draw, the picture will vary, as the combination of colours are endless.

It makes an unusual gift that lasts

The DoodleCloth is an unusual product and different from most other toys and gifts. It comes in an environmentally friendly bag and can be packed away quickly and easily, too. The price point (£25) makes this a great and versatile gift – whether it is for a child’s birthday party, or a niece or grandchild for Christmas. Giving the DoodleCloth is a present that will grow with the child, supports healthy childhood development through inspiring creative play and looks after the planet by being environmentally friendly.

The designs and size of the DoodleCloth draw the children in instantly and while they colour in, or draw their own ‘free-style masterpieces’ in the white spaces, parents get to relax, have a conversation or do some work.

Looks good in your home too

Our design has been tested and developed alongside children to ensure that the designs and pictures resonate with what they like to do most. The designs are bold, inviting and striking to entice children in to get involved straight away.

At the same time, the DoodleCloth has been designed to meet the needs of parents. It is aesthetically pleasing, so that parents can enjoy the DoodleCloth within their home. It’s practically thought through – so that it is easily washable, and can be assembled and packed away with minimal fuss.

A lack of space in the home can be an issue for many families with young children – so using an existing piece of furniture for children to play on is the perfect space saver. And with working from home becoming the new normal, rooms are becoming multifunctional. With the DoodleCloth, parents have a wonderful way for their children to play independently so that they get a much-needed break, without the need to constantly put them in front of screens.

Our first two designs are a seascape and a castles theme. But we also have what we’ve called the ‘Splat’ in the making. If you have any designs that you’d like to see and that you know your children would love, get in touch at and let me know.

If you want to give the DoodleCloth a go – it is now available for pre-order on our website at here for £25 each.

MummyMadeThis is about inspiring creative play in children in simple, sustainable ways, that make clever use of existing space, are good for your wallet and the planet. I want to ignite in parents the beauty of connecting with their children and support the next generation of little people to thrive.

My eldest yesterday worked out for me that in not a long time at all he’ll be allowed to walk to school by himself – and that he’d be happy to take his siblings too so that I can get on with some work or have some free time.

It made me smile, but also put time firmly into perspective for me. They really are only small for a short amount of time, even if some days can feel so much hard work – take the time to connect with your children now and enjoy every minute of it!

That’s all from me this week. Next week we’ll talk a bit more about the science behind why creative free play is important for healthy child development.

I hope have a great rest of your week.

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