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Do you feel unsure about certain parenting topics?

You are not alone!

Hi, I'm Anika - a busy mum of three, and a coach and consultant. I am on a mission to help fellow parents find their calm & confidence, connect with their children and inspire creative play.

Work with me Welcome

Freebies & Resources





Freebies and Resources
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Free Screens Webinar

Free Coaching Webinar

Transform the way screens work in your family


  • intentionally build screentime rules that work for your family

  • solutions that have been tried and tested by real families

Frustrated about being the "screen police" and in need of some technology solutions?


  • includes practical tools to help you stop being reactive

  • includes the three things I did to turn things around in my family

Need some help to figure out a particular parenting challenge that you are facing?


  • includes practical Coaching tools to help you get clarity, confidence and focus

  • works for a whole host of parenting challenges from sleep, to food, to behaviours

Running out of ideas for what healthy snacks to prepare for your children and want to try something different? 

  • includes recipes that even my super picky eater (who just eats pasta) will try

  • our family favourites and 'go to' solutions for every day

Join our monthly membership for expert advice, solutions and community

  • Parenting Membership

    Every month
    For parents who want to connect with other parents & get support on key parenting issues they face
    • Weekly group parenting conversations, every Friday lunchtime
    • Free access to our ever-growing library of parent workshops
    • Regular specialist parenting guest speakers
    • Book reviews and recommendations
    • Parenting tips and tools

Monthly Membership

  • Would you like to join a group of like-minded parents to bounce ideas off, brainstorm solutions with or, sometimes, just have a cuppa with? 

  • Fancy getting together weekly to discuss current 'hot' topics that we are facing: from setting boundaries, to sleep, to getting kids to eat healthy food, connecting with your child, figuring out tweens, balancing screen time and everything in between.

  • We will also regularly invite experts as guest speakers, share good book recommendations and do a 'deep dive' based on different topics and authors.

  • All sessions will be recorded, so you can go back and catch up on any you've missed

Monthly Membership

"The thing that I have realised helps me most is to connect with other fellow parents to talk through the issues I might be facing and figure out a way forward.  That is why I love this idea and want to join this membership - to be able to connect, share my knowledge and experiences and encourage each other on this journey!" (Beta tester)

5 Module Digital Course

A Boy and His Tablet Device

'I love the tools that I've learnt in this course. I wish I had taken the plunge sooner. Getting clear on why I am doing this and the practical, real-life stories along the way have really helped me work out a better balance in my family on screens'

Digital Course on Screens

Join me on our 5 module course on Screens - where I share the latest research on the effect of screens on children and combine that with practical tools that focus on connection, teamwork and buy-in (rather than punishments and rewards) that I tried with my 3 children. I also share what went well, what didn't and where we struggled the most and what we did about it. 

Following these simple steps has transformed the approach to screens in our family. I will share the 3 things I did to turn things around, banish being the screen time police and reduce screen time fights with my children. 


This digital course consists of 5 modules of online learning that you can access whenever it suits you to fit around your family's needs. There is also a workbook for you to follow along with if you want, as well as a number of online quizzes.

I hope these tools bring you as much peace and clarity as they have done in my family.

Screens Digita Course

10-week Parenting Coaching

Video Consultation

Digital Parenting Coach (self-paced)

Sometimes, as a parent, we need a helping hand to figure out how to help our child (or ourselves) in a certain phase. Whether that is food, sleep, being triggered by your child, finding time for yourself, discipline, setting boundaries, insecurities, or anything else that parenting throws at us!

This 10-module course is packed with coaching tools that will help you get clarity, shift your beliefs in yourself and build your confidence.

It is designed for you to build your 'parenting muscle' and intentionally help you create the family life that you want with practical action steps for you to practice and implement each week.

Lots of you have asked me to create a self-directed parenting coaching course that is affordable and you can access in your own time to suit your family's schedule. It is coming soon! You can either join our Waitlist or our Beta Testing group if you want to help shape the content.
Coaching Digital Course

5 weeks of 1 on 1 Coaching

Empower Growth

If you are looking for more tailored support and prefer working directly with a coach, join my 5 week 1 on 1 coaching course.


Using the skills I have gained from my years as a coach and consultant in my corporate career, I will work with you each week to help you tackle whatever parenting issues you are currently facing. 


Following the GROW Model we will have 5 online zoom sessions together over the course of 5 weeks, where I will guide you, support you and hold you accountable. You will also have weekly motivation emails and videos to help keep you on track.

Places are limited. I only work with 6 clients at any one time. 

Smiling Family
One on One Coaching
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